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When looking over these pictures please know we are not at the point of harvest. If anything should impress the reader of this web site is these pictures were sent in at the courtesy of the hunter. A good indication of the working relationship that exists.

Click any name to have a look at their success.

Daron John Stephen Gary Brian Brian Josh
Brett Bobby Troy Jimmy Caleb Brooklyn Preston
Stuart Claton Bruce Duane Brett Robert Jacob
Brian Galen Cody Brad David Sam Joe & Mike
Buck Brett Craig Craig Brandon Michael Parker James
Jimmy Brad Gene Skip Les Bryan Joe
No-Tell 2 Cody Jon Shelby Nate William Ron
Casey Jacoby Andrew Scott Codi Tyler Mike Bill
Marc Skip and Tracy Alan Brett David Jim Ronnie
Tim Will Bobby Jammie Bernie Rob Drew Gary
Chris Tony Patrick Mark Andrew Deron and Brian Ross
Eric Kevin Robert Recce Micaela Brandon Chris John
Severin Mackenzie Tori No-Tell Ronnie Christopher
Bryce Sam Steve Tommy Joe Nick & Rebecca Chris
Brad Beau Doug and Bill Julie Steve Frank Cody
Kevin Brad Mason, Marty & Hunter Doug Jamie Jerad Joey
Dean Chris Chanz Jerrod Todd Joe Kevin Jack
Ryan Karen Paul Chase Doug Greg Aaron Kevin
Alan Severin Doug Steven Chris Mark Willis Dan
Tim Wiley Brent Jeff Justin John and Margaret Matt
Mike Chris Tony Phillip Travis Tommy David Shane
Kim Steve Jacob Jeff Frank Gary Jerad Mike
Michael Justin Dave Roy Dwayne Doug Ray Devron
Micheal Brandy Locked Bucks Bruce Brian Kaylee Michael
Gary David Mike Tim and Cody Greg Bryce Tracy
Bob Jason Dave Sam Hoyte Dan Keith Allen
Chuck Brian William Bryan Brent Alex, Shawn & Pat
Beau Ronnie Tommy Kim Gerald Kevin Brian Rob
Adam Steven Jim Anthony Todd Jim John Craig
Kellen Tom Steve & Steven Alex Todd Julie Byran
Gary Mark Kassadee Joe Kevin Al Heath
Andy Bill Kirk Lonnie Brian Cal Scott Tim
Caleb Cathryn Simon Brothers Chris Michael Corey Gerald
Jason Jeremy Greg & Austin Clint Doris Doug John
Bob Andy Jeff Roger Joe Greg Bud Jamie
Jeff Mike Rex & Deb Rodney Dave Tom Phil
Steve Tim Steven Tony Steve Brian Derek Andy
Dennis Andy Chris & Joe Mike Bill Brent Chad
Greg Kelsey Bob Reggie Steve Joe Bob Lonnie
Vickie Wade Rhett Shawn Jim Joe John Bruce
Chip Chris Gary Steve Colton Cliff Jamie Klint
Todd Jeff Larry & Derek Matthew Shannon Terry Mike
Cobenn Bernie Russel & Dustin Eric Jeff Matt Kent
Matt Nathan Gene Matt Jim Steve Ward Jim
Ian Keith Jonathan Keith Jeff Jim Joe Gordon
Greg Brian Joe Steve Bill Kevin    

As a self guided deer hunting Association all pictures seen are at the generosity and courtesy of the hunter sending them in. Their presence on this web site is much to the credit of the working relationship between the partners and the hunters. The deer hunter gains only a continuing exchange of ideas on land and where to hunt. No compensation is given for any picture.

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