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Kansas Rio Grande Turkey hunting is largely unknown and overshadowed by the widely hunted and larger Eastern Turkey and that of the better known Missouri turkey hunting.

Kansas turkey hunting continues the variety that Kansas hunting is known for not just with the inclusion of the Rio Grande Turkey but also the Eastern Turkey allowing for both to be hunted on the same trip. The Kansas Rio Grande Turkey allows for many the motivation to explore the more open lands of central and western Kansas in pursuit of spring toms while setting up the next possible deer hunt as well.

Kansas Rio Grande and Kansas Eastern Turkey are considered just turkey and turkey hunting within the Kansas turkey hunting regulations. The up to two over the counter purchase for resident and non-resident hunters spring turkey tags are separated by Kansas turkey management units and do allow for two tags of either both in, out or split between the Kansas Eastern and Rio Grande Turkey regions. This means that any one hunter may harvest two Rio Grande Turkeys, one and an Eastern or two eastern Turkeys over the six week long all day hunting spring turkey season.

Kansas turkey hunting is also unique to our other two Association states of Iowa and Missouri distinctive for Kansas' fall turkey season allowing more over the counter tags and allows dogs to be used. The Kansas fall turkey season includes both the Eastern and Rio Grande Turkeys and overlaps with fall archery deer, early muzzleloader deer and upland bird seasons.

Kansas Rio Grande Turkey hunting is different than that of the Kansas Eastern Turkey hunting only in size of the toms, not tactics, calling, decoying, etc. The difference is the Rio Grande Turkey in general terms is lighter in body weight running 18-22 pounds for a mature tom. Beard lengths start at severn inches with a few extending beyond ten inches and spur length is also generally less than for Easterns.

Kansas Rio Grande Turkey hunting relative to Mid-America Hunting Association is as is eastern Turkey hunting in Kansas, Iowa or Missouri. Pre-hunt scouting is recommended. Set up and call/decoy in more effective at getting on toms than run & gun. land access is by telephone reservation. What some have commented on that they did find different is that the daily movement pattern for a Rio Grande tom may include miles more country than for easterns. This may be true and it may also be driven by the more open lands occupied by Rio Grande Turkey over that of Easterns. These open lands make scouting and eyes-on Rio Grade Turkey at longer distances possible simply due to the lesser trees to be found in Rio Grande Country compare to areas occupied by Easterns.

Eastern on the left, Rio on the right.

Kansas Rio Grande Turkey hunting offers the self guided spring turkey hunter that one bit of added adventure of a different turkey to hunt and to hunt on terrain largely different than what many have experienced before. That extra bit of adventure we all need from time to time to re-motivate that youthful attraction of seeing new places with the possibility of new successes and probably new challenges. It is better out there than at home.

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