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August 9

jimI just mailed in my dues for the 24th consecutive year.

Just thought I would send a note of appreciation for providing both some great memories, as well as some enthusiasm for a few more years of enjoyable outdoor opportunities.

The attached picture is my 3rd generation Brittany pointing a single quail. Think how pleasant it would be standing behind him, compared to the hot and humid conditions at this time of the year!

Thank you Jim.

Upland Bird Membership

We are getting plenty of inquiries reference bird hunting. However, most are one day hunt, just want to shoot birds, do not have a dog, type hunters. Dedicated dog owners who hunt wild birds remains a small population.

There have been several who will be making their first central USA hunting trip this fall. To all these folks we understand the trust you have placed in us and we wish/work for the best.

For all remember to bring an extra set of truck keys, tire in can inflator, cash separate from wallet, skunk deodorizer and place out that hang tag.

jeremyWe continue to see juvenile coveys. Far too fast to get a camera out to snap a picture. All indications continue we will have a good season.

August 8

I only got to take one trip for 3 days. It was great weather and good action. I only killed one bird, but should have killed 2. Saw several birds on both spots I hunted. The turkeys seem to be a little spotty but have increased in population sense last time I hunted there. Great fun hunt. Thanks Jeremy.

Aug 7

Below are 2 more potential 160 acre farms in the same region. The habitat on both farms is a combination of CRP grass, crop and pasture. These 2 farms would be primarily for deer and turkey.

Hunting lease

August 4

LinasJunior member Linas with a nice channel cat. We'll see a lot more of Linas in the years to come.

Good job young man!

August 3

I just wanted to send in a picture of my 2017 spring bow kill. When I joined the association a few years ago I had never killed a turkey with a bow. This spring I set out to change that. I hunted a farm the first day that I knew had some turkeys but nothing was willing to cooperate. I decided to go out on a limb and move locations the next day. It was a very cold morning with frost on the ground. I heard a few gobbles far off to the west early in the morning but nothing close. Thirty minutes later a close gobble rang out and I hit the call. From that point on it was fast and furious. Three birds poked their heads through a fence line about 300 yards away. Once they saw the jake fan they ran as fast as possible to destroy it. The birds hit the decoy and knocked it over immediately. I finally got one bird to stay still for a half second and was able to harvest my very first bird with a bow! Thanks for the hard work and great hunting land. Thanks, Brad



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