Husband and Wife Pheasant Hunting Team

Hi from MI. Last year I joined my husband in the membership...We will both be rejoining again this year--I am writing a check at this moment. I called and spoke with your office this AM and said I would send a couple photos of my first hunt. I hope they get through OK. We hunted entirely in...

Sue on a pheasant hunt

The photo with the scattered snow on the ground is just south of... It was -10 degree wind chill that day--but I managed to shoot my first rooster with the help of our lab, Otter, even with all the cold weather gear on...

Sue with her second best friend and a pheasant

The second photo is a warm day down in a field near... I never knew hunting could be so much fun...

Winter hunting in Kansas

The absolute best part is watching Otter work the birds in the field. What a pretty sight! Sue

...One of Aaron with his two roosters that both flushed at the same time and of course, two pics of Otter and I with my first birds of the season...I could not do it with out my lab--and Aaron!! Sue and Aaron

Self guided hunters

Good luck with the years to come

No troubles here


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