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Self guided hunts defined.Pheasant Hunting

Most of this article focuses on self guided Kansas pheasant hunting.

It is an Association advantage of our pheasant hunting range of land extending from Iowa through north Missouri out to western Kansas that we can recommend to Association hunters where the better pheasant hunting will be from season to season.

Pheasant Hunter Feedback

"A December hunt showing the results of two special field, one hunter, one dog, five shells. The rooster without the tail was a two shot runner the dog brought in...true triple. Dog steady to point/flush, pheasants piling out of a small plum thicket, gun never left the shoulder, never took a step, three shots, three rosters. Impossible to have counted the number of birds that came out. The quail were a bonus on the way back." Jason

Kansas self guided pheasant huntsSelf guided pheasant hunting.

Self Guided Pheasant Hunts Defined

The first and foremost issue is that we do not allow day hunts or gang/drive hunting. We also do not guide and we do not allow any others to guide hunters on our land.

That one point alone, no day hunting, goes far to describe the self guided pheasant hunts we offer. It is for the individual or small party family or hunting buddies. Those that seek the quality of hunting trip. Not the number of birds shot at.

Those that seek a lot of birds in a short amount of time and limited energy expenditure should seek a release bird hunt rather than enjoyment of a wild pheasant hunt. Not only is this difference in terms of the hunt quality it also exists with the quality of the hunter. Those that train and hunt over their own dogs are the ones that will be successful on a self guided hunt. Others who do not know the effort and pride that goes into creating a four legged hunting buddy would never succeed at a self guided hunt.

The wild pheasant private land hunting we offer allows the individual hunter of his own dog to enjoy pheasant hunting in the company of his dog. That is free of the public lands hunter mentality. Over his habitat of preference. At his own pace. Those that call us with any other definition for the hunting they expect are quickly told we are not the right organization for them. We seem to say that allot on the telephone. The payback for those are hunting with this Association is the land has more hunt in it when the Association is composed of like minded hunters.

The land we select is where the better hunting will be found as we are not limited to the driving distance of a lodge for our hunting land. We make the entire state available for where to spend our private land hunting money. When we do spend that money it is where we get the most return for the hunter.

The easy answers that is uniform to all of our pheasant hunting land is it is within the grain farming regions. It takes farming to make for the food that allows sustainable upland bird populations. Most of it is easy flat land walking not requiring a compass or GPS. All will be able to see where they were and where they want to go.

A Self Guided Hunt - A Kansas Pheasant hunting trip

The large contiguous native grass acreage shows this to be a Kansas hunting trip.

Kansas private land hunting makes the best for pheasants

From Don's camera. A traveling hunter that enjoys his dogs most of all and the pictures more than birds. The kind of hunter most would like to spend the day with. Thanks Don.

Those that bird hunt can see the quality of habitat, seemingly open land without cover, great weather and enjoyment that comes from a good day in the field.

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