Farm Land Missouri Quail Hunting Protective Cover

Shooting - Different For Bobwhites

From all those that hunt woodcock, woods or mountain grouse, huns, chukar, mearns or scale quail, or pheasants there is universal agreement that wild Bobwhite Quail are the hardest to hit upland bird.

Wild Bobwhite Quail are ground and brush loving birds that seek to return to that cover whenever flushed to fly. They rarely fly level or straight. Most will agree the common target acquisition and engagement is at two seconds.

Combine the speed and erratic flight of a quail with walking fatigue and the average hunter on his better days may have a 50% hit rate.

Farm Land Missouri Quail Hunting Protective Cover showing less than a quail limit

The worst action we could take would be to display all hunting pictures with daily limits. The implied would be that all hunters, every Missouri hunting day would bag a limit. The reality is there are some hunters that have the dog power to get more limits than others. Most hunters have less than limit days. All will agree the potential in covey numbers exist for great hunting. It is the nature of Missouri's wild quail that they are hard to put in a bag.

Missouri Hunting Season Particulars

Season opens the first of November runs through January 15.

Hunting is seven days a week. No shooting hours other than first to last light.

Residents and nonresidents have the same seasons.

Eight quail daily bag limit.

Protective Cover

Dogs on quail retrieve show the micro Missouri hunting cover.

Wild quail on a Missouri hunting trip.

Natural Farm Land Hunting

Natural hunting habitat is our description at how the Association does not develop specific cover for Bobwhite hunting. Natural means the outcome from grain farming in river bottoms that creates much crop land to wildlife cover edge hunting habitat. We do not hunt all ground as coveys do not occupy all ground. When it comes time to lease land we simply spend Association hunter dollars to lease private land that has this combination of feed and protective cover. And it is only private land within a region that has a history of Bobwhite covey survival.

Good quail dogs Missouri hunting season.A wooded drainage with a boarder of short grass or weeds cutting through a row crop field.

This is a late December picture. The green grass is laid down fescue. The brown grass is foxtail.

The trees may be thinner or thicker and immaterial as it is the low to ground cover along the tree line and the grain field that is the critical quail habitat for the better wild Bobwhite hunting.

No Small Point About Association Missouri Quail Hunting

Crop field edge cover is a seemingly small point we found required of repetition. All the more so for those traveling in from non-native wild quail population states. That may not be appreciated at this point to for those considering their first hunt out our way. It is a common comment from those completing their first hunt and our motivation for this extensive wild quail cover section of the web site.

Putting all these Missouri wild quail habitat pictures together will help calibrate the eye for where to hunt. As a self guided quail hunter organization knowing what habitat to hunt and that which to ignore will make for a better hunt.

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