Wild Quail and Pheasant Hunting

The Upland Bird Hunting Available

Wild Bobwhite Quail and pheasant hunting.

On private land in Iowa, Missouri and Kansas.

For the self guided hunter who enjoys hunting his own dog on a variety of terrain.

All will gain the satisfaction of having hunted enough.

Kansas pheasant hunting


Mid-America Hunting Association range of private land wild quail and pheasant hunting.Why Is It Good

Mid-America Hunting Association's range of land from southern Iowa through north Missouri and from east to west Kansas insures we have good pheasant and quail hunting every year. It will change as to where that better hunting will be due to year round weather effects.

Contrast this to a small acreage outfitter operating within driving distance of his hunting lodge. That operation requires good weather every year to have any wild quail or pheasant in one small area. Otherwise it is a planted bird hunt.

Ease Of The Hunt

Association issued hunting and maps.

Upland bird hunting maps for where to go quail hunting.Pheasant hunting maps for Kansas private land, Missouri self guided hunts and Iowa pheasant.

Hunters would have all the land posted on a single map sheet for hunting for that day.

Fence line hunting boundry.

Property lines are as evident as this fence line makes them look.

All may hunt on their schedule any time during the state regulated season. This is true fair chase hunting requiring compliance to all state and federal wildlife regulations.

Have a choice of where to hunt that differs by more pheasant or more quail and protective cover variety. Each will find one regional difference in quail or pheasant densities and protective cover more suited to his current dog power and hunting style. As dogs change through the years so may the hunter to get the most out of his dogs. Those hunters that are able to hunt their pups over a variety of cover will find that dog more adept at target cover.

While this is a self guided hunter organization we do not expect the hunter to know where to hunt for what he is after. We cover the land throughout the year as well as train and hunt behind our own bird dogs. We can talk from summer time through hunting season experience behind their dogs for where to hunt.

Each hunter will have the time and land availability to learn: How Bobwhite Quail coveys anchor to specific terrain features. Coveys and pheasants vary according to grain field rotations. Native grass is not all equal at producing pheasants and more. Once finding the golden nugget spots each farm has that leads to increasingly satisfying hunts with each trip.

That earlier hunt experience compounds on itself as all may pick up where they left off and add new spots each trip. Over the years with each hunter keeping his maps up to date makes it easy when that next pup is brought to field to get him on more wild quail and pheasants faster than previous dogs. This grows into increasingly satisfied hunting seasons.

Carl after quail

Not plantation quail hunting.

Shooting conditions are not always this tough. It is better to show the worst of it allowing hunters to discover its better.

The Down Side

The underlying denominator to the majority of bad hunts comes down to the difference between expectations and reality.

The general flow has been the new to the central mid west wild quail and pheasant hunter believes he will have high quality results. The reality is that wild quail and wild pheasants are tough hunting. The variables of dog power, willingness to walk and shooting ability give more advantage to the birds than the hunter.

The understanding should exist that the birds are there and there is plenty of land. Success as measured by birds in the bag or the amount of dog on bird action is managed entirely by the hunter. All should accept that every week in the same county the majority of hunters will tell of a good hunt. There will always be a minority of hunters that will tell of only bad hunts. The difference between the two is generally how many years either has been hunting that locality.

How Self Guided Hunts Are Made

Association hunters have access to an online hunting land map library. The maps will serve as the common reference to describe where to hunt starting with recommendations from us. The maps also serve as the location reference to make reservations. Once the telephone reservation is made the hunter travels to his hunt location and hunts.

During the hunt the hunter may adjust his plans to continue hunting in any one location or hunt new land on his schedule.

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Or, read what some Association quail and pheasant hunters have to say about their hunts.

Pheasant Hunters
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Quail hunters have always been a minority in the Association. Not for lack of wild quail. For lack of the willingness to develop specialized quail dog power.


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