MAHA's Private Missouri Duck Hunting Land

Association Missouri Wetlands Locations

This map shows the county locations of MAHA private Missouri wetlands. Click the map labels or use the links at the bottom of the page to view each wetlands at increasingly greater levels of detail to include wetlands layouts and water level duck blind pictures.

Private Missouri Wetlands Fountain Grove Waterfowl Hunting Iatan Goose Hunting Big Creek Waterfowl Navada Missouri Waterfowl

Our Association has been in the duck hunting and waterfowl area development business for a long time. We build our own wetlands with levees, pipes, reservoir lakes, drop log structures etc. We construct all for chest wader accessibility to all of our permanent duck blinds. These pictures are just a sample of the level of detail we will get into the more the reader uses the links at the bottom of each page.

Shown here is one of our levee water level controlled wetlands we drain after waterfowl season, plant, let grow and cut open water areas in front on the blinds. This combination of food and water immediately in front of the ready to occupy blinds leaves the hunter only to practice his calling and decoying skills


In this case the attracting vegetation is Smart Weed, the main attraction for waterfowl, mainly ducks, on this Missouri wetlands.


Creating water structure on working farm fields to allow both crop harvest and duck season water requires a series of levees. Levees are surveyed and built to allow chest wader access and allow both standing and stubble crops to show through the surface.

The structure pictured here allows for adjustments to the water level by putting in or taking out 2x6 boards.

Once the farmer has finished with harvest the 2x6's are installed, water allowed in (in this case pumped) and blinds posted.

Preseason duck scouting shows only crop fields. During duck season this farm is a waterfowl oasis surrounded by crop fields and natural swampland which is too thick for man and just right for ducks. This field is located right off a refuge where migrating ducks frequently layover without exposure to decoy floats or calling. Ducks and goose both leave the refuge for surrounding feeding areas allowing for some good duck hunting not pressured by other hunters.

Some more examples of our other waterfowl areas. Our hunters may select from their preference of habitat types from marsh, flooded crop, timber, slough and open water. We emphasize "Missouri wetlands" as we only develop waterfowl areas in Missouri as Kansas and Iowa simply do not have the lower river basins necessary for good waterfowl hunting.

A natural slough and a timbered pothole. These are in addition to our constructed waterfowl properties. Every hunter can select to hunt any of the Association wetlands at any time during state regulated seasons.

ATVs for transport from parking areas to blinds or field setups is encouraged on wetlands only and always remember your cover to camouflage the ATV.

No one has ever been disappointed with the quality of our duck habitat, goose fields, our Missouri wetlands or the opportunity to hunt on their schedule. What is not assured is the migration itself. When it is in we have the ducks as our waterfowl hunting areas do not even come close to being pressured as do public grounds. While the Missouri Conservation Department does the best of our three state area at waterfowl area development they cannot sustain the existing hunter pressure. Our approach to managed waterfowl hunts is an alternative readily available to those that can hunt on their own.

The links below will gain the reader access to increasingly greater levels of details on our duck and goose hunting as well as our waterfowl areas. Ground and aerial pictures of the blinds, shooting pools and surrounding habitat will take much of the mystery out of the waterfowl hunting we offer. Have a great season!

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